One thing is for sure, this year's En Primeur Campaign will be one for the history books, in a nutshell;

- The quality of this year is exceptional, sitting up there with the very best recent vintages

- As with previous year’s we will be offering you first-hand knowledge of the wines, which have been shipped to us here in New Zealand to evaluate

-Pricing will be very good, Chateau Pontet Canet kicked things off with a 30% decrease

-The campaign will be quick, with such uncertain times, the Chateau will not be wanting to wait and see what happens.

-Quantities released will not be great, this won’t be a campaign to sit on the side-lines, stock will likely be allocated and sell out quickly.

Like many merchants around the world, we have been watching this unfold with much interest. We have taken the decision to offer the 2019 vintage as the quality is extremely high. With the lower prices from the Chateau released to date, there’s excellent buying from the 2019 vintage.

It's an unusual times we are living in

In a world where the only constant is change, earlier in the year Fine Wine Merchants around the world were preparing their schedules and getting ready to taste the excellent 2019 vintage in Bordeaux (myself included). It was only just before lockdown in New Zealand that a decision was taken that indicated that we’d not see a campaign this year. Since then, the conversations on twitter as to whether there will or won’t be a 2019 En Primeur campaign, have gone around and around in circles. Strangely these did provide some light relief alongside the turmoil that has unfolded around the world.

The quality of the 2019 vintage is Outstanding

Over the end of May we've seen samples sent to critics around the world. Many of these have now been tasted and the reviews are flowing. What's quickly apparent is the quality expected from early 2019 vintage reports are coming through as the samples tasted.

James Suckling has awarded four wines 99-100 points (Chateau Ducru-Beaucaillou St-Julien 2019, Chateau Mouton-Rothschild Pauillac 2019, Chateau Margaux Margaux 2019 and Chateau Lafite-Rothschild Pauillac 2019), the balance of his top 20 all scoring over 97 points.

His overall notes on the vintage include; "I find the vintage to be outstanding and at the same quality as the extraordinary 2018 but the young wines show more classic, even traditional style with fine tannins and bright and vibrant acidity."

2019 Vintage Bordeaux will be sold En Primeur

What has been decided is that there will be an En Primeur campaign. As you'd expect there will be some significant differences. First, the timing; what usually takes many months is tipped to be very quick, in fact, we do expect by the middle of June we’ll have seen all wines released. Though experience tells us that this is a moving goal post, though you can be assured it'll be a fast campaign.

An outstanding vintage and unparalleled prices

Aside from the high quality, one of the most burning questions is the price. Although it goes without saying, the global marketplace is somewhat unsettled and turbulent right now. This most certainly needs to be taken into consideration and the early indications (and releases) have shown that. It's expected that price will be between 15-30% less ex Chateau than the prior year. This should see the prices similar to the 2013s which are nowhere near this quality. Freight costs and exchange rate increases will close that gap a little.

En Primeur 2019 starting now

This website is now ready for you to start adding your wish lists. We are working through to add critics scores as they are released to assist you. We do also expect the Chateau to release a smaller quantity that usual, as has already been seen with Chateau Pontet Canet which was released last week. Chateau Lafite-Rothschild also now released, with 50% less available. Both will be available very soon subject to allocation and confirmation.

As the samples are tasted over the next few weeks you can follow these live on Instagram. These tastings will be recorded and available on IGTV as well.

For enquiries with regards to En Primeur don't hesitate to contact the team, Click here.

Important dates

- 5th June 2020 – Campaign is open - wishlists can be built online and you can start to reserve the wines as they are released and offered.

-1st July 2020 – we expect to close the Campaign on this date, unless releases run into July, at the latest we will close this campaign at the end of July.

-First payment summaries will be prepared in July, which will be due for payment by the 20th August 2020.

Confirmations and Quantities

Once we have closed the campaign, we will open bottling for a short period giving you the opportunity to choose how you want your wine packaged.

Following this, we will be in touch with final confirmations and first payment summaries.


We will start sending offers very soon. The speed of this campaign has caught much of the world by surprise. You can expect from there the offers to come thick and fast, we will get them out to you regularly and keep you up to date. Do also follow us on Social Media for the latest information as it comes to hand.