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Saturday 7th April 2018

Ever wanted to buy Bordeaux, but not sure where to start? The 2017 vintage is about to be sold En Primeur, which is a great way to start your collection. We have put together an introduction to En Primeur which can be found here. This introduction and our knowledge will not only ensure you the best Bordeaux in your cellar, you can purchase with complete confidence from Glengarry.

Glengarry have sold fine wines via the En Primeur system since 1983; our first offering was in fact the super 1982 vintage, an auspicious starting point. Selling En Primeur certainly went hand-in-hand with the importation of wine into New Zealand, but it was not until the early 1980s that wine could legitimately enter New Zealand from elsewhere. Glengarry was the first to get involved with selecting fine wines from around the world and bringing that world to the palates of New Zealanders.

With our longstanding relationships and our experience honed over 30-odd years, we are old hands at this, and once again we made the commitment to ensure you the best service and advice, I will be in Bordeaux to taste the 2017 vintage next week.

This website is dedicated En Primeur, do ensure you register there to get regular updates, offers and current information. Once registered you can also prepare a wish list of wines you are interested in.

Kind regards
Liz Wheadon

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Tuesday 24th April 2018

Having just finished tasting in Bordeaux, I must say I was surprised to see a top name released this soon, much talk was of a slow campaign, as many are still pondering how to approach it. When I visited Chateau Palmer last week, they were clear, the quality is good, though does not have the long-term ageing potential of the 2015 or 2016 wines, so must be priced accordingly. They noted, the vintage 2011 was in a similar predicament and that they felt lessons could and should be learnt from this vintage.

Delighted to then see this followed through with today's offer of the 2017 Chateau Palmer at 20% less than the 2016 and just under the 2015. What's not entirely clear is how much wine has been released at this price, there's speculation that this first tranche may be small and sell very quickly. We have secured a good allocation, though as always, suggest you do act on this swiftly.

As I've just finished tasting, our vintage summary, review and recommendations are not yet online, though we have started to update the site with the critic's reviews as they have become available. So, in a nutshell, what's the vintage like? Frost is the obvious first point to deal with and one that it was clear producers had been asked repeatedly. Sadly, there are many who have lost a lot of their crop from this vintage, though generally the top properties and the left bank were less effected. Drought the next consideration, it was very hot in the later part of the growing season, the vines started to be too stressed with heat. Rain the next cab off the rank in 2017, this fortunately came at the right moment for the cabernet, which if then left was excellent in 2017. These conditions didn't favour Merlot on left bank, with higher proportions of Cabernet this year. The right banks plateau around Pomerol and blue clay fared well. Overall, the wines are very classic, they are not fruit forward, they are wonderfully ripe and with a burst of fresh acidity. These are not wines for long term cellaring, wines that will be short to medium term wines. A stand out from this year, is Sauternes, it's a lovely sweet with vintage.

Kind regards
Liz Wheadon

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